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Behavioral Health Business Training & Consulting Services


  We help motivate, education and empower mental health professionals to become business owner experts.

During most of our educational experience we are taught how to become behavioral health providers to work directly with clients but rarely are taught how to own and operate our own businesses.  To many times we find non mental health providers starting businesses with no experience in our field. We aim to change this.  


With over 17 years in the behavioral health field providing services in the areas of private practice, group practice, outpatient mental health clinic, substance use, and psychiatric rehabilitation program many mistakes were made.  We made the mistakes so you won't have to.  We would like mental health providers to have head start in  become successful  entrepreneurs.   We have insight and knowledge to help you start, grow and flourish in your journey as a  entrepreneur. 

If you answer yes to any of the questions below call us today

Would like to start a private practice or behavioral health agency and need assistance with attaining your business goals?

Are you seeking to go from clinician to entrepreneur?

Are you currently in business but stuck?

Do you interested in starting a business other than private practice or a behavioral health agency?

Need consultation in regards to becoming accredited with the The Joint Commission?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above time to plan and execute. Register today for a life transforming decision. 


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