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School Based Counseling

FCCC is an approved vendor through Baltimore County Public Schools to provide mental health services to Baltimore County Students.

Students are provided individual, family and group therapy  to overcome behavioral, emotional or social problems that interfere with success at school and at home.

Students are also able to access all our services which include medication management, substance use counseling and our therapeutic mentoring program. 

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Common Warning Signs

  • Excessive worry or anxiety, for instance fighting to avoid bed or school

  • Persistent sadness, feelings of loneliness and worthlessness

  • Withdrawing from or avoiding social interactions.

  • Hurting oneself or talking about hurting oneself.

  • Talking about death or suicide

  • Changes in school performance

  • Hyperactive behavior

  • Frequent nightmares

  • Frequent disobedience or aggression

  • Frequent temper tantrums

  • Difficulty getting along with others

  • Grief and loss

  • Traumatic experiences

  • Abandonment or loss of interest in favorite activities

  • Increased anxiousness, sadness, anger or aggression

  • Extreme mood changes

  • Excessive crying or irritation

  • Fatigue or reduced energy

  • Unexplained headaches or body pain

  • Changes in sleeping and/or eating habits (including sleeping or eating too little or too much)

  • Difficulties paying attention and concentrating (including forgetfulness and distraction

  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

Unsure if your child may benefit from counseling? Call us to discuss. 410 929 4793

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