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Read instructions carefully prior to scheduling an appointment. 

  • Individuals with history of prescribed medications must provide FCCC with a copy of medical records which must include names and dosage of medications       

                           Fax documents to (410) 779-9400 or 

                           Email to HIPPA compliant email address

  • Lab testing will be ordered for all patients including drug screenings (no exceptions)


  • Minors: We do not prescribe benzodiazepines to individuals under the age of 18 years old.


  • Adults: Benzodiazepines are time limited one time prescription. Hx of prescribed benzodiazepine will be reviewed and clinical assessment will be made to determine if time limited prescription will be issued, which is not guaranteed.

  • DO NOT schedule appointment if you are seeking ongoing continued benzodiazepine prescriptions.  


  • Contact your pharmacy and request a refill.

  • Once you have contacted your pharmacy we will receive notification of request. 

  • We will contact you to schedule a med management appointment.

Insurances Accepted

Maryland Medicaid


Call us at (410) 989-9922 to schedule an appointment. 

Medication Management 

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