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Therapeutic Mentoring Program for Youths 


What is Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program?


Many parents are unsure of what our program provides and many more are fearful of the word “psychiatric”. Psychiatric mean ” relating to mental illness or its treatment”.  For example if your child ADHD is  interfering with his academic success, our  PRP worker will assist in providing your child the tools to help him manage his symptoms to be successful with his/her academics.


Our Program


First Choice Counseling Center provides services to youths ages 7-17 years old age.  Our  program helps youth with developing the skills to help them succeed at home, school and the community. We provide our youths with education and assist in developing strategies and skills specific in their mental and behavioral growth.  Area of skill development include:


  1. Self-care skills ( grooming, hygiene etc)

  2. Interactional skills-  social, peer and adults

  3. Academic Achievement

  4. Anger management

  5. Problem Solving

  6. Conflict Resolution

  7. Semi- Independent Living Skills

  8. Recreational ( engage in community events)

  9. Social skills development



If any of these statements are true for your child  you may want to consider services:


  • Is your child mental health condition interfering with his/her academic achievement?

  • Does my child have a difficult time with making or keeping  friends?

  • My child constantly gets into verbal and physical altercations with peers and/or adults?

  • My child just came home from inpatient hospitalization and I need additional services for him/her? 

  • Does your child have poor  hygiene and  his bedroom is always a mess.

  • I think I may be interested but I still have questions…if so please contact us at 410 929 4793 and we will answer all questions.



1. Your child must be referred by a provider of the healing arts ( therapist, psychiatrist, nurse, doctor)

2. Your child must be in active mental health treatment.  This means the youth must participate in mental health therapy at least 2x a month

3. Must have Maryland Medicaid insurance. 

If you are interested in PRP services, please have your provider complete the PRP referral form and provide a copy of their treatment plan, assessment and/or discharge summary.



Once approved your youth will be assigned a gender specific worker to start working on their treatment plan goals. Worker will meet with youth at least 4x a month. 

Referral Process


1. Inform consumer your intent of submitting referral for PRP services.


2. Complete PRP Referral Form


3.Submit referral form to us by fax 410 779 9400 or HIPPA compliant email

4. Requester will receive confirmation of receipt of referral within 24 hours.


5. Consumer will be contacted within 24 hours of receipt of referral to schedule a screening assessment.

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